TSI CH-10 AL Cheetah Bead Seater with 10 Gallon Aluminum Tank


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The CH-10AL Cheetah Bead Seater will seat the bead on all truck and small tractor tires. A 2″ tank opening allows use of the optional Magnum II barrel giving added “spread” of the discharge. This extends the power of the CH-10AL for seating even the most difficult beads on larger diameter wheels. The CH-10AL Cheetah Bead Seater has a 10 gallon light- weight ASME certified aluminum tank.

Manufacturer Part Number: CH-10AL


  • The welded tab on the Cheetah barrel allows it to lock securely.
  • The large air gauge accurately monitors tank air volume.
  • The Cheetah safely rests on your leg at a 45 degree angle to the wheel.
  • The discharge valve design allows tank discharge in one quick motion.
  • The safety release valve is pre-set at 160 psi.

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