REMA TIP TOP RS-8 Radial Tire Plug Stem Insert 5/16" - Box of 60

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REMA TIP TOP's Stems are designed to fill the injury for 2-piece Repairs of puncture injuries of Passenger, Light Truck, and Medium Truck Tires. They are designed to be used in conjunction with RTT Universal Repairs, and Radial & Bias Repair Units. They are typically used when the angle of injury exceeds 15 degrees angle. They are suitable for use in both tubeless and tube-type tires and may be installed in either cold or hot vulcanization systems. NOTE: Consult the tire manufacturer for specific repair limitations based on the speed rating of the tire.

Manufacturer Part Number: RS-8


  • Inside-out round plugs
  • Designed to fill the injury channel in 2-piece repair
  • Seals the injury channel and protects the belt package and plies
  • Provides a permanent repair to the injury channel
  • Quantity: Box of 60

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