Counteract ATV Internal Balance Beads DIY KIT J 3oz Bags

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Counteract Balancing Beads in Off-Road Tire applications is the best method of balancing on the market. The issue with these type of tires is that they weigh a significant amount and their design and tread patterns can call for such varying amounts of weight. In most cases, they call for so much weight to balance that there simply is not enough room on the users rim to accommodate the weight required. This is where Counteract has become the go-to balancing product for these applications. Installing Counteract Balancing Beads on the inside of the tire allows you to add as much weight as needed to balance the tires and complete axel end. These tires are known for carrying a lot of mud, dirt and stones which will cause an out of balance vibration once they start to gain speed due to the extra weight. A traditional spin balance cannot accommodate for these vibrations. Since Counteract is centralized on the inside of the tire and has the ability to migrate when experiencing vibrations.

Manufacturer Part Number: KIT J


  • Kit contains: 4 - 3oz bags, 4 - valve core, 4 - valve caps, 1 - inject bottle & tube.
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Increase tire life
  • Reduce vibration
  • Eliminates wear and tear and prevents all dust related problems, including valve clogging

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