185/80R13 195/70R13 195/75R13 205/70R13 215/65R13 Inner Tube with TR13 Valve

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Premium Service® inner tubes are manufactured to the highest quality. This tube is for automotive passenger car and light truck applications and can be use in BIAS or RADIAL tires.

The size marked on the tube may differ from the size needed as inner tubes are made to stretch in order to fit multiple sizes, according the manufacturer this tube will fit on the following tire sizes:

GR-13, GR-14, GR-15, FR70-15, FR78-15, ER70-15, 205/70R14, ER78-15, DR70-15, 195/70R14, DR78-15, CR70-15, 195R15, 205/70R15, CR78-15, FR70-14, 185R15, 195/75R15, 195/70R15, ER78-14, ER70-14, ER60-15, 6.85R15, 195R14, 185/75R15, 215/70R14, 205/65R15, 225/60R15, DR78-14, DR70-14, DR60-15, 7.35R14, 185R14, 205/75R14, 205/70R14, 215/65R14, 215/60R15, CR78-14, CR70-14, CR60-15, 7.00R14, 175R14, 185/80R14, 195/75R14, 195/70R14, 205/65R14, 225/60R14, DR78-13, DR70-13, ER60-14


  • Automotive RADIAL tire tube for passenger and light truck
  • Made with high quality rubber
  • Made to stretch to fit multiple sizes
  • Has TR13 straight rubber valve stem (.453 Valve Hole)
  • See Product Description for Compatible Tire Sizes

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